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I started this blog to write about the progress I am making with the game and to keep everyone up to date about what is happening. Apart from that, I believe the blog should also be interesting in terms of the content I present. I will be writing about the Game Development Process which in itself is a very varied and creatively challenging endeavor. I suspect there will be bits in here that are interesting to players but also lots of things that might be more interesting to developers or people that are aspiring to become (better) developers themselves.

I sincerely hope that I will be able to talk about things that are relevant to anyone that either work in a technical or creative field. I will try to dive into what it means to be creative, how I see inspiration and how I approach that part of the creative process.

The following list is the first set of topics I came up with:

  • Showing off new features, systems, and graphics
  • Reflecting on the development process, code or tools
  • Talking about game design choices, experiments, fallacies and learnings
  • Challenges and solutions in the creative process
  • The Business side of making a game, facts, numbers, PR and the like.

Features, Systems and Graphics   

Lazzzers Icon

Writing a game means writing systems, the common way we talk about those systems is in terms of features. When you tell people about your game or you put it into the app store at some point there is usually a list of features that gets mentioned.

One of the features I currently mention a lot is the ability to redirect colored laser beams and mix them. In order to do that I wrote a system that traces laserbeams across the playing field and makes decisions based on the game elements, it comes across.

this system is at the core of the game and I could probably spend an entire post if not more going into the ins and outs of that system, the algorithm I had to come up with and other decisions I had to make and why I made them.

Another thing that falls into this category are graphics, whenever new graphics make their way into the game its an opportunity to show them off.

That being said, I don0t want this blog to be a big spoiler, so I will try to curate posts in a way that present meaningful information without spoiling the game.


Development process

In the posts focused on the development process, I will get more into the technical side of things, this will be different than writing about a feature or system in the game as it will revolve more around the tools and processes I am using that are not necessarily relevant to the game.

Early Lazzzers Development Screenshot in Unity3D

For example, at the moment I am using Blender in my workflow to create 3d graphics and geometry and there are certain ups and downs that come with using this tool. I will go into a reflection of how I am using it at the moment and what are the benefits of my approach, but also what could be done better to improve my process in this area.

In the case of Blender, there are a lot of things I don’t know how to do with the tool, as I am making everything myself at the moment this would be an opportunity to reflect on using my time to get to know blender in more depth or if I might be better off, hiring an artist to do it for me.

Game Design

Schematic for merging colors using the merger element in Lazzzers

I will talk about game design, or to be more precise, my take on it. There are quite a few Game design decisions I had to take in Lazzzers and I will try to take those and expand them into a more general exploration of the topic, I might go on a rant every once in a while when it comes to game design. because I seriously believe there is a lot of lazy, bad and even harmful game design out there, and I find it outrageous at times.

Game Design is a new discipline, but that does not mean it is a place for immaturity. Unfortunately, though there is great immaturity in games and game design today, and I do not see a substantial change coming to the field. In fact, my view is that there is a general immaturity cultivated in today’s society which is a far bigger problem that cannot be addressed within the domain of game design.

It is my humble goal though to bring a maturity of thought to my game design musings and infuse them with the proper sense of responsibility that anyone who develops any kind of product should bring to his work.

Creative Process – Challenges, Solutions

Space skybox texture

The creative process can be obscure, frustrating, elating, rewarding and mysterious. Again and again, it is something that evades the grasp of our mind trying to define it and our attempts to repeat patterns that worked in the past often don’t lead to the result we wish for. As a creative person we are caught in the dilemma of being defined by our own creations, that can catch us in a cage of old ideas, while at the same time bringing new impulses into the world that can surprise and scare us

and break with the conventions that were created by our past selves.

We are the bridge between the past and the future, the manifest and the unmanifest. We are the interface between the world of matter and the world of ideas. This is not always an easy thing to do and yet it is so rewarding. I wanna present my insights into my own creative process and share the things that I have learned over the years that help me keep a flow going.



The business side of things is certainly not the thing that comes easiest to me, but as a solo developer, I have to think about this a lot. I want to make my work financially viable and having a solid strategy to go into business is paramount to achieve that goal.  I am certainly not an expert when it comes to running a business even though I have started several businesses in the past.

I am looking forward to learning much more about this as I move forward. As with any discipline that you are new in I will expect to make mistakes, but I hope I will be able to see and correct mistakes as I go along. this is definitely an area where I could use mentoring.

I will need to do more research and effort in this area and as I go along I will share my findings, share my insights and discuss my strategies.

Early Concept for Space vehicles in Lazzzers

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